Monday, August 9, 2010

KUMHO tyre

Monday, August 9, 2010

Kumho History

In September 1960 we established Samyang Tire, the predecessor of today's Kumho Tire. In those days, the domestic automobile industry was at a primitive stage, and so were auto parts industries like the tire industry. We made about 20 tires a day, depending on manual labor because of our backward technology and shortage of facilities. However, from the latter half of the '60s, we acquired the KS Mark and managed to ship to East Asia for the first time. This was our starting point.

Sep. 1960 Samyang Tire Co., Ltd., founded in Yang-dong, Kwangju City.
Jan. 1961 First tire, an average of 20 produced per day.
Apr. 1963 Compact passenger car tire (560~13), the first manufactured in Korea.
Jun. 1964 Tube developed.
Oct. 1965 Started shipping to East Asia (200 tires to Thailand amounting to $7,700).
Mar. 1966 DOT (US Department of Transportation) Mark acquired.
Jan. 1969 Snow tire developed

OK..let's hear from Kumho Tyres about their tyre Kumho ECSTA KH11 ( 205/45r16 88H)

They said :

The ECSTA KH-11 tire combines design technology with racing success to deliver superb handling without sacrificing ride comfort and low noise in spring, summer and fall.

High technology silica and carbon tread compound for breathtaking grip in wet and dry conditions
Three wide circumferential groove channel water from under the tread for outstanding hydroplaning resistance.
Lateral grooves efficiently evacuate water and balance tread stiffness for improved wet traction and a smooth ride.
Large outside tread blocks provide rigidity for increased cornering performance.
Solid center rib provides a constant contact surface for excellent high speed stability, reduced noise levels, and better response.
Jointless Cap and wide belt construction maintains the optimum tire shape at high speed improving handling, wear, and high speed capability.
Optimized block shape reduces noise by altering the block size around the tire reducing noise.

Audi TT Coupe
BMW 750
Cadillac Deville DTS
Chrysler Sebring
Dodge Intrepid
Lexus ES300
Nissan Maxima
Saab 90

Michelin Primacy
Dunlop SP9000
Goodyear Eagle GS-D
Continental ContiSport Contact
Yokohama ES100
Bridgestone Potenza RE020

Aj din SAID : I have used it on my Proton Gen2..I can feel smooth riding,silent tyre, superb grip, fantastic wear rate, I find these the better than Bridgestone, Pirelli, Michelin or Dunlop!
Congrate to u ..KUMHO


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