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The Most Important Part Car Owner Must Know

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What is engine oil?

Motor oil, or engine oil, is an oil used for lubrication of various internal combustion engines. While the main function is to lubricate moving parts, motor oil also cleans, inhibits corrosion, improves sealing and cools the engine by carrying heat away from moving parts.

Rubbing of metal engine parts inevitably produces some microscopic metallic particles from the wearing of the surfaces. Such particles could circulate in the oil and grind against moving parts, causing wear. Because particles accumulate in the oil, it is typically circulated through an oil filter to remove harmful particles. An oil pump, a vane or gear pump powered by the engine, pumps the oil throughout the engine, including the oil filter. Oil filters can be a full flow or bypass type.
In the crankcase of a vehicle engine, motor oil lubricates rotating or sliding surfaces between the crankshaft journal bearings (main bearings and big-end bearings), and rods connecting the pistons to the crankshaft. The oil collects in an oil pan, or sump, at the bottom of the crankcase. In some small engines such as lawn mower engines, dippers on the bottoms of connecting rods dip into the oil at the bottom and splash it around the crankcase as needed to lubricate parts inside. In modern vehicle engines, the oil pump takes oil from the oil pan and sends it through the oil filter into oil galleries, from which the oil lubricates the main bearings holding the crankshaft up at the main journals and camshaft bearings operating the valves. In typical modern vehicles, oil pressure-fed from the oil galleries to the main bearings enters holes in the main journals of the crankshaft. From these holes in the main journals, the oil moves through passageways inside the crankshaft to exit holes in the rod journals to lubricate the rod bearings and connecting rods. Some simpler designs relied on these rapidly moving parts to splash and lubricate the contacting surfaces between the piston rings and interior surfaces of the cylinders. However, in modern designs, there are also passageways through the rods which carry oil from the rod bearings to the rod-piston connections and lubricate the contacting surfaces between the piston rings and interior surfaces of the cylinders. This oil film also serves as a seal between the piston rings and cylinder walls to separate the combustion chamber in the cylinder head from the crankcase. The oil then drips back down into the oil pan.

Women's Rights Protest in Front of Saudi Arabian Embassy

Women and human rights activists met in front of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in D.C. Saturday to protest the country's treatment of women. The Washington Times reported about the impending event Friday,

Supporters of women's rights will hold a protest Saturday to denounce gender apartheid in Saudi Arabia.

"This may be like the pied piper for Islamic feminists," said Fatima Thompson, a Muslim convert and a board member for the D.C. chapter of the Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV), which is organizing the event. "They have created all these various organizations to promote women's rights, so hopefully this will be a means to get us all together."

The MPV, which is an "inclusive community" rooted in social justice, will hold the protest in front of the Saudi Arabian Embassy.

The demonstration was being held as a precursor to the arrival of Saudi Arabian King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, who will be meeting with President Obama on Tuesday to discuss, among other topics, the state of women in Saudi Arabia.

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Betul Ke Program Jutawan Rm50?????

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Salam 1 Malaysia..

Banyak persoalan yang timbul dalam programRm50.
Betul ke boleh jadi jutawan????
Banyak panggilan yang diterima dan sms ...apa yang boleh jawab..betul la tu..
Betul sekiranya semua prospek masuk tanpa ragu-ragu. Tapi kita semua masih belum percaya,hakikatnya saya peringkat awal pun tidak percaya dan ragu-ragu.

Sebab apa saya masuk?
Saya pada permulaannya masuk dalam ganda10. Kalau dia orang nak tipu. Tipulah rm10..
Bila masuk gandarm10, pasang banner di merata tempat. Alhamdulillah... kira boleh buat duit.

Nak tipu dimana?
Kalau penaja yang tipu mungkin. Tapi kalau penaja menipu..Rasanya kita boleh contact admin.
Tidak ada masalah kalau kena tipu,janji ada bukti seperti salinan resit on line.
Kalau penaja ditipu adalah Hehe...Pernah terjadi pada saya.

Kalau join dapat apa?
Dapat pahala la..hehe..Dapat laman web diatas nama kita. Kira kita dah menjadi Admin
pada JutawanRm50.Com.. Susah hendak buat laman web ni..Ni pun saya pelan-pelan buat.
Mintak tolong sana sini..Kira inilah blog pertama saya. Janji keluar internet. Yang kedua dapat produk..produk apa?..produknya buku yang boleh kita belajar buat duit di internet. Bagus buku tu, nak beli dikedai memang tak beli lah..

Nasihat saya..
Kena berhati-hati , ada 2 hingga 3 program yang tidak boleh buat duit. Nak tahu program dimana??(itu kena email pada saya)..
Tidak boleh disiar secara terbuka disini.

Sekian ,


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Happy driving with Proton Gen2

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Proton Gen2

Proton Gen2 enjoys a fine ride-and-handling balance, and with the latest revisions, cabin quality is improved and engines are more flexible. In short, Gen2 now has the performance to match the capable chassis.- this is my opinion..ajdin

The Proton Gen-2 is an automobile manufactured by Malaysian carmaker Proton, and was launched in the third quarter of 2004. The Gen-2 uses a platform which has been extensively developed in-house by Proton and their partner Lotus. Initially codenamed theProton Wira Replacement Model, it was hinted that the car was to replace the Proton Wira. The name Gen-2 is an abbreviation ofGeneration 2, to symbolized the second generation of the very successful Wira as the first generation.

The Gen-2 was among the first cars to be produced in Proton's Tanjung Malim plant, developed as part of its Proton City development project.

The Gen-2's platform is also used by the Proton Satria Neo (with a shortened wheelbase) and the Proton Persona (with an extended rear hang to form a more sedan-like body).

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